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Crystal Suncatcher crafted with brass - Calm Mini
Crystal Suncatcher crafted with brass - Calm Mini
Crystal Suncatcher crafted with brass - Calm Mini

Calm Mini Crystal Suncatcher

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Bring tranquillity into your space with the Calm Mini Crystal Suncatcher — a petite powerhouse radiating the sun's energy. 

Crafted from recycled brass, this suncatcher transforms sunlight into delightful rainbows, creating a magical and serene atmosphere.


Calm Mini Crystal Suncatcher Key Features:
  • Sun-shaped brass charm
  • 20mm glass prism for enchanting rainbows


Usage Ideas for your crystal suncatcher:

Perfect for offices, thoughtful gifting, or enhancing children's rooms. Small and versatile, it serves as a mindful accent. Explore larger crystal suncatchers for greater impact.


Installation Tips:

Hang with a suction cup, place on window glass, or use a fishing line. Stick-on ceiling hooks offer easy height adjustment.



Crafted with care and designed primarily for interior use, your Calm Mini Crystal Suncatcher is susceptible to natural tarnishing due to the inherent qualities of solid brass. Over time, exposure to various environmental factors, such as humidity and air impurities, may contribute to developing a patina, adding character to your piece.

To maintain the lustrous shine of your solid brass suncatcher, occasional polishing is recommended. This helps to gently remove the tarnish, restoring its original brilliance. 

We offer a specialised polishing kit designed to make this process effortless, allowing you to preserve the beauty and craftsmanship of your Calm Mini Crystal Suncatcher.

Calm Mini Crystal Suncatcher Specifications:
  • 95% recycled brass sheet
  • Recycled solid brass Rolo chain-style
  • Dimensions: Approx. total length 130mm, total width including crystal 20mm

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Calm Mini Crystal Suncatcher

$30.00 AUD