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How to Protect your energy with the Golden Circle

How to Protect your energy with the Golden Circle

Since the 1800s "magic circles" have existed. They are believed to contain energy and form a sacred space and protection. Used as an energetic protective shield.

Why is Spiritual Protection Necessary?
In this world, there are many physical and non-physical energies that are searching for an energy source to attach to for nourishment, and if we don’t protect ourselves, we could unknowingly pick up entities and energies that get sucked into our auras and drain us, making us feel tired, unmotivated, depressed and exhausted. 

How To activate the Circle of Light & Protection Suncatcher:
I invite you to set your intention visualising the gold circle as a shield of pure loving, positive and protective energy for you and anyone else you want to include in it.

You can then place any of the Gold Circle range of Suncatchers near a window, in a room where you spend most of your time, as a daily reminder of the protection and healing energy around you and your loved ones. ( You can include your furry family as well )