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A little known Natural health hack: ORGONITES

Orgonites helps the body heal and maintain health. They are made of metal, resin and crystals, that have been arranged in a specific pattern. 

The orgonite is a device that is believed to emit positive energy (orgone) and helps in reducing or eliminating the effects of harmful radiation.

Orgonites are devices that are created to emit orgone energy. They were invented by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst and physician.

There are many claims about orgonites and althought there are more scientific studies to be done, a clear benefit of orgonites is that they emit positive energy and advocates of orgones claim that these help them with insomnia, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

Orgonites are devices that convert the harmful EMF radiation into positive, beneficial energy. They are made up of a metal core, copper wire and an organic material. The metal core is usually made of steel or iron and copper wire is used to conduct the energy from the metal core to the organic material.
There are many different types of orgonite materials that can be used for this purpose such as quartz crystals, stones and resin.

Benefits of orgonites include:

  • They create a positive environment by transforming negative EMF radiation into positive energy;
  •  Orgonites improve health by eliminating harmful toxins in our homes;
  • They increase productivity and creativity by clearing electromagnetic pollution from our surroundings;
  • Orgonites generate feelings of safety and security.

The orgone energy is created by the flow of electrons in the metal which produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field then interacts with the environment and helps to unclog stagnant areas of negative energy and radiation. Orgonites are intented to clear the negative energy from people, plants, animals, and even objects.

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